Grow Africa Has A Brand New Beautiful Logo

Earlier this year the Grow Africa Foundation redefined its vision and mission statement “To be the Bridge between Challenges & Solutions, Good Will & Action”. Refreshing the logo was a part of that redefinition. The new design is fresher and cleaner and symbolises the sustainable growth we have set out to achieve. The foundation was co-founded by Jenman African Safaris and Hideaways with the aim to make a positive impact in the places that we travel to.

The new logo needed to fit within the brand architecture of Jenman and Hideaways while also existing as its own unique entity. It’s also important that it can be placed on images or items to be branded in a simple and effective manner. That brief was handed to the graphic designer, and she, in turn, provided us with a variety of options. After some back and forth we finally arrived at the new gorgeous logo that we feel meets the above requirements perfectly and is a fresh update that fits in nicely with our vision and mission redefinition.


The new logo incorporates the Baobab tree from the Hideaways logo. The Baobab is a great life-giving symbol of Africa, some people even refer to it as the Tree of Life. The original Grow Africa logo had a Baobab in it and it was important to keep that element in the new one. Baobabs symbolize enduring growth, resourcefulness, and sanctuary – all elements that Grow Africa identify with. It’s been updated to be the same Baobab as in the Hideaways logo which signifies a clear and strong connection between the two companies.

The three stripes of colour that the white baobab is set against come from the Jenman African Safaris logo. These colours symbolize the areas that we specialize in: the light turquoise blue represents Madagascar, the burnt orange East Africa, and the golden sand colour Southern Africa. Grow Africa advises Jenman African Safaris how to be responsible tourism operators in all the areas we travel to so it’s fitting that those areas are reflected in the logo as well.

The Grow Africa Foundation is excited about our new vision and mission and our beautiful new logo that ties in it with it, we hope it inspires more people to become involved with our foundation and collaborate with us to be the Bridge between Challenges & Solutions, Good Will & Action. Please contact  if you are interested.


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