Ruzivo Scholarship and Book Fund

Providing Basic Education through the Ruzivo Scholarship & Book Fund

Give the gift of knowledge:  US$ 35 keeps one child in school for a year.

We are fierce proponents of responsible tourism and leaving a positive impact on the areas we visit and operate in. In Zimbabwe, our lodge Elephant’s Eye, Hwange is part of the Dete community. In Dete, Dingani Primary School is severely under-resourced. More than 50% of Dingani’s children cannot afford the yearly school fees. Unfortunately, a child whose parents cannot pay school fees is often more likely to drop out of school. Ruzivo Scholarship and Book Fund aims to reduce the dropout rate by assisting children with scholarships, and the school with much-needed new textbooks and reading books. Ruzivo means ‘knowledge’ in Shona. Lack of education continues to increase poverty in the Dete area. To secure the children’s future The Grow Africa Foundation aims to raise enough funds to ensure children’s school fees can be paid and that they receive textbooks and reading books for the whole duration of their primary school education.

Ruzivo Scholarship and Book Fund

In the collaborative spirit, parents of the sponsored children will contribute 2 hours of assistance to the school per week. The parents help out by assisting with maintenance and upkeep of the school as well as preparing lunch for the children at school. Donating to Ruzivo Scholarship and Book Fund will increase the number of children that can be sponsored, and the remainder will be added to purchasing textbooks. A little goes a long way to ensure a child gets a basic education, the first steps to a brighter future. For as little as US$ 35 you can sponsor a child’s schooling for one year!

You can help!

Would you like to change a child’s life? Please contact us at or click here to donate. Why not involve your friends and family as well, to make a real and lasting change in a community looking to the future.

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