Rosmead Quiz Night – Jenman Safari Mobilization for Rosmead Primary School!

Last month, and more precisely on 18 July 2018, it was time to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Nelson Mandela on the famous Mandela Day. For Jenman African Safaris, this day was also an opportunity to get involved in the community, in order to respect the tradition devoting 67 minutes of one’s own life to the benefit of the community in which one evolves every day, in homage to the 67 years devoted by Madiba in this same cause.

A Mandela Day Quiz Events was organized by the Harfield Village Association (HVA) as a fundraiser to benefit Rosmead Primary School, specifically to raise funds for an astro-turf field at the school. Various member of the community were invited to take part, paying a fee that would go towards these funds! Among these participants, Jenman African Safaris sent a beautiful delegation of 4 very motivated and determined staff members to try to answer correctly as many questions as possible!

The questions truly tested everyone’s general knowledge and random trivia. Such as: What is the animal pulling Thor’s chariot? Who is the last winner of Wimbledon for men and women contest? What continent is the tapir from? In which cities are the obelisks of Cleopatra? As well as of course, facts pertaining to Nelson Mandela’s life. All these questions had to be answered as a team in agreement, requiring excellent knowledge in specific and varied fields.

After 8 rounds of 10 very disputed questions the results were finally shared. And our team came out with the honours as they managed to take a well-deserved second place. In addition to taking part in the Quiz and raising funds for Rosmead Elementary School, this evening was also an opportunity to share a delicious convivial meal with other people from different professional backgrounds, all present for the same cause.

Best of all, a raflle was held during the meal to raise a little more money for the school. Each of our Jenmanites decided to participate by choosing two numbers from 1-250 and one amongst us chose the winning number! It was Mary, one of our 4 participants, who had the chance to leave with a huge basket full of local products.

Rosmead Primary School, very close to our offices, is very very important to us and is one of our local development support programmes. It is always a real pleasure to participate in a fundraiser in its favour, even more so during a good time shared with other committed collaborators for the benefit of the school. We look forward to taking part again next year and would like to congratulate our 4 Jenmanites for their second place in the 2018 edition!

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