Responsible Visitor Charter

At Hideaways Africa we are committed to providing sustainable tourism which both develops and gives back to the local communities within the vicinity of our lodges. In fact, in 2017 were rewarded the silver award for ecotourism initiatives. In order to continue to achieve our vision, we ask that you take into consideration the following:

Before you arrive:

Learn Basic Phrases:

Being able to say a few simple phrases such as hello, please and thank you goes a long way in developing relationships between tourists and the local communities that surround our lodges. At Hideaways we hire local staff who speak English but love to hear guests embracing their native language of Shona and will be more than happy to help you to learn more about their language and culture.

Some of the local Shona phrases include:

English Shona Pronunciation
Hello Ndeipi (Day-pee)
How are you? Makadii (Mack-ah-di)
Friend (a popular term of endearment) Shmwari (Sham-war-e)
Thank-you Maita Basa (Mai-e-tah bar-sa)
Good Morning Mangwanani (Mang-gwar-nar-ni)

Conduct your own research:

At Hideaways we endorse a number of local community engagement projects so we recommend that you conduct research into some of the traditional values which these communities hold. Optional tours are a great way to immerse yourself in local culture and it is always appreciated by the locals when guests are able to respect their traditions. This creates a harmonious relationship between us and allows locals to continue to embrace us in their way of life.


If you find that you have a little extra luggage space and would like to donate sustainable gifts to our local communities, please visit our Pack for a Purpose web page for a list of supplies are needed, some of which you may even have laying around your home. Also in an effort to reduce the contribution to waste and litter consider options which are able to be recycled or taken with you.

During your stay:

Support Local:

At our onsite Lodge shop we offer a variety of locally made and environmentally conscious souvenirs from which funds raised go back into the communities surrounding the lodge. While travelling through Africa we would like to remind you to please not purchase any gifts which will exploit wildlife or threaten an endangered species, as we do not want to encourage this practice to continue.


If you decide to partake in one of our local community project we ask that you gain permission before taking photographs of people and their homes.


Please do not give sweets, toys or money to anyone – especially children, despite any temptations you may have this is more detrimental than beneficial. Successful begging discourages children from going to school in order to get an education and means to get out of poverty. Unfortunately giving money to beggars also reinforces a culture of helplessness and dependency. If you do wish to donate sustainable gifts please review our projects and the recommended donations for growth.

Wildlife and the Environment:

The wildlife and natural environment which Africa has to offer is often the highlight and at times purpose of your trip. As you are staying on a private concession wild animals roam freely so please remain vigilant and respect their personal space and try to avoid disturbing them in their normal routines.  If you do have any close encounters please contact lodge staff.


Water is scarce particularly in Hwange and its surrounding areas so please take care to reduce your shower times and conserve water as much as possible.


Remember many countries do not have adequate litter collection, recycling or waste reduction schemes so the less waste you create the better.  As you venture to your lodge you may see the unfortunate amount of litter and waste left in parks and on roads by careless travellers. At Hideaways the meals which are prepared on site is separated and taken off site and any food waste is also collected by local community for their pig project. At Hideaways we also only offer filtered water to go in flasks so that you do not need to use plastic water bottles.

After your stay

Make an ongoing difference:

If you have been inspired by your trip and want to continue to give back to our projects we take ongoing funding or support from around the world which will all go back into the communities which we sponsor please contact on 


We are always looking for ways to improve the guest experience or give more back to the communities and projects which we support. If while you are on tour you have a suggestion for a way to improve any of these elements please contact our team on 

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